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      Xingyi moon in finance and tax consulting co., LTD2016Years12Month6In xingyi, administration for industry and commerce registration and establishment in accordance with the law,Is classics xingyi bureau approved professional agency bookkeeping institution registered in accordance with the law,Company main business scope for the industrial and commercial registration、Bookkeeping agency、Tax returns、The finance and tax consulting、Clear accounts、The fiscal and taxation services such as project settlement。The company has a tax accountant、Accountants、Assistant accountants and other professional qualifications of the fiscal and taxation from personnel of course of study,Dedicated to provide professional financial services to small and medium-sized enterprises,Welcome to inquire!

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  • One to one serviceOne to one immediate consulting services,Professional consultants,At least 2 years of experience。
  • Full transparencyService transition custom specifications,The whole monitoring、The traceability、Business progress in real time to follow up。
  • SecurityStrictly control the business risk,To ensure the safety of conduction process smoothly、Smoothly development。
  • One-stop serviceCover: leading enterprise、Growth period、Mature period,Meet the needs of all kinds of different business to deal with。
Pay attention toThe moon is the fiscal and taxation
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  • The phone:0859-3336818 15685986086
  • Address:Guizhou xingyi xingyi mall4Building2Unit901Number

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